Ravenna Savings Bank          
999 East Main Street - Ravenna, OH 44266


This new main branch of the Ravenna Savings Bank is a three story building with a full basement and two stories above grade.  Constructed of brick masonry and stone, the bank projects an image of stability and foundation in the historic community of Ravenna.  The public areas, found on grade level, include a large teller counter, loan offices, and conference rooms.  The second floor houses additional office spaces for bank employees, while the basement level has an exercise room, locker rooms, training areas, and an assembly room.  Completed in May of 1998, this facility has already made a lasting impact on the residents of Portage County.

Building Area:  27,000 S.F. (9,000 S.F. / Floor)
Construction Cost:  $ 2,650,000
Construction Time:  September 1997 - May 1998
Contractor:  Curtis / Layer


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